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Peachtree Petals Daily Deal Arrangements $50-$160 sale Same Day Hand Delivery Peachtree Petals Daily Deal Arrangements $50-$160 $50.00 bottom border Summer Meadow Same Day Hand Delivery Summer Meadow $50.00 bottom border Flourishing Blooms Same Day Hand Delivery Flourishing Blooms $90.00 bottom border
Blooming Masterpiece Bouquet Same Day Hand Delivery Blooming Masterpiece Bouquet $65.00 bottom border Heartfelt Luxury Rose Bouquet - 72 Stems of 24-inch Premium Long-Stemmed Roses Same Day Hand Delivery Heartfelt Luxury Rose Bouquet - 72 Stems of 24-inch Premium Long-Stemmed Roses $375.00 bottom border Smile Bouquet sale Same Day Hand Delivery Smile Bouquet $40.00 bottom border
Fanfare Same Day Hand Delivery Fanfare $160.00 bottom border Breathless Luxury Rose Bouquet - 100 Stems 24in Premium Long-Stemmed Roses Same Day Hand Delivery Breathless Luxury Rose Bouquet - 100 Stems 24in Premium Long-Stemmed Roses $325.00 bottom border Pure Essence Bouquet Same Day Hand Delivery Pure Essence Bouquet $75.00 bottom border
English Garden Bouquet Same Day Hand Delivery English Garden Bouquet $75.00 bottom border Wildflower Mix Bouquet Same Day Hand Delivery Wildflower Mix Bouquet $50.00 bottom border 50 Shades of Lavender Bouquet Same Day Hand Delivery 50 Shades of Lavender Bouquet $175.00 bottom border
Tropics Appeal Bouquet sale Same Day Hand Delivery Tropics Appeal Bouquet $69.99 bottom border Colors of the World Bouquet Same Day Hand Delivery Colors of the World Bouquet $90.00 bottom border Simply Succulents Same Day Hand Delivery Simply Succulents $70.00 bottom border
Island Living Bouquet Same Day Hand Delivery Island Living Bouquet $90.00 bottom border Tulip Fever Bouquet Same Day Hand Delivery Tulip Fever Bouquet $70.00 bottom border Better than Cake Bouquet Same Day Hand Delivery Better than Cake Bouquet $50.00 bottom border

If you are looking for a superior Sunnyvale Florist, you don’t have to look any farther.  Peachtree Petals is the premier choice for you!  We are a recognized leader in providing the highest of quality floral arrangements and assorted gifts in the floral industry.  With over 25 years of combined experience, our floral designers have the expertise to create the most elegant and luxurious floral designs that you will find in the Sunnyvale area.  Our absolute passion is flowers and we create our bouquets with the latest floral styles, quality and trends that you desire.  We are a nationally honored FTD Master Florist, able to meet all of your floral needs.  Our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction to each and every customer with the most beautiful floral arrangements.

Nothing compares to having a Sunnyvale florist that can your floral needs for any and every occasion.  If your loved one is celebrating their birthday, Peachtree Petals has a wide variety of birthday bouquets to choose from.  For that spouse that you simply adore and you appreciate the many years you’ve been together, our anniversary bouquets are sure to express just how much you they mean to you.  For the daughter that just had her first baby, we have an array of new baby bouquets and new born assorted gifts that will bring more joy to their hearts.  If your relative is graduating from college, our line of congratulation bouquets will absolutely let them know just how proud of them you are.  Whatever your momentous occasion or event may be, Peachtree Petals does it all!

Peachtree Petals not only offers quality floral arrangements for various occasions and events, we also have holiday theme bouquets for you to enjoy!  The holidays are wonderful times of the year, and there’s nothing like flowers to bring life and cheer to your celebration.  Express your deepest love on Valentine’s Day with one of our breathtaking Valentine’s Day flowers.  Show Mom just how special she is in your life with a Mother’s Day bouquet that will hug her heart.  During Thanksgiving, take pleasure in our Thanksgiving flowers to help create an atmosphere of appreciation and love, as your family celebrates the Thanksgiving season at your home.  Let’s not forgot Christmas!  Peachtree Petals also has an assortment of Christmas bouquets for the most precious season of the year.  From New Year’s Day bouquets to Thanksgiving centerpieces, Peachtree Petals offers the best Sunnyvale Flowers for the holidays! 

Sunnyvale has businesses and corporations that desire for their office locations and lobbies to exemplify excellence.  Peachtree Petals offers our line of corporate flowers and floral decor to create just the right presentation for you. With our Peachtree Petals Floral Club, companies are able to join and have floral bouquets delivered periodically to all of their offices. We can accommodate any business on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. As a part of the Peachtree Petals Floral Club, your corporate bouquet will be delivered and exchanged accordingly, with no delivery request required.  Each and every week, you will have a beautiful and fresh floral arrangement to impress your clients and employees.  Your lobby will always look its’ best with Peachtree Petals!

A wedding is one of the most treasured events in one’s life.  You want a florist that will be with you every step of the way.  Peachtree Petals can meet all of your wedding bouquet and wedding floral décor needs.  Peachtree Petals is a proud honoree of a Bride’s Choice Award from nationally-known Wedding Wire, affirming our proven superior floral expertise and craftsmanship.  We love our brides!  We also offer free wedding floral consultations to assist you with creating the best wedding floral décor.  Peachtree Petals will find out exactly what you are looking for and deliver every time.  From wedding bouquets and wedding corsages, to wedding boutonnières and wedding centerpieces for your elegant wedding reception, Peachtree Petals will be there! 

Our delivery model for our floral arrangements is as reliable as they come.  You deserve the peace of mind of knowing that you not only have a wonderful floral arrangement, but that it will be delivered on time as well.  Peachtree Petals provides a number of delivery options for you, including our signature same-day delivery, to meet the floral needs of our customers.  Whether in Sunnyvale or surrounding areas, Peachtree Petals can deliver your floral bouquet fast!  Our standard same-day delivery is completed within a 5 hour window from the time the order is placed.  We also offer our rush same-day delivery option, in which we will deliver your beautiful flowers within half the time.  Therefore, whenever you need a last-minute Sunnyvale Flower Delivery, Peachtree Petals will be there! You can also enjoy delivery savings on next-day or future orders. You’ll always be taken care of with Peachtree Petals.  Let Peachtree Petals meet your floral needs today!


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