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Irvine Florist

Irvine Florist

The freshest and seasonal flowers that you need in Irvine are no other than the flowers from Peachtree Petals.  We are a superior Irvine Florist that strives to be the best in premium floral arrangements and assorted gifts.  As a recognized FTD Master Florist nationwide, Peachtree Petals has the floral expertise and service capabilities that are beyond compare.  Our floral designers have over 50 years of combined experience and absolutely take pride in their craft.  Excellence is our standard and you deserve it.  You will be thoroughly satisfied with Peachtree Petals!

We have the type of floral service to meet all of your needs, from the time you place your order, to a successful bouquet delivery.  Our customer service staff is responsive and will gladly take your phone order, or assist you with placing your order online.  We also offer automated e-mail tracking to send you a pick-up and delivery notification for your convenience.  Our floral designers are also available to discuss what you desire in a floral arrangement, so we can create an impeccable bouquet just for you. With our exceptional service, you can count on Peachtree Petals.

Peachtree Petals has the extensive flower options for your floral pleasure.  You will absolutely adore our various flower collections suitable for all of your events and occasions.  For your spouse you desire to shower with love, give her one of our anniversary flowers that will melt her heart.  For your daughter that just delivered her first child, send her one of our new baby bouquets to overwhelm her with joy.  For that relative recovering in the hospital, surprise them with one of our get-well flowers that is sure to give comfort and strength.  From congratulation flowers to thank you flowers, you can find the best Irvine Flowers at Peachtree Petals!

If you desire a bouquet that is unlike any other within our line of floral arrangements, then our Peachtree Petals Design Bouquet is just for you!  Our professional floral designers will take their skill and expertise to create a one-of-a-kind bouquet.  We will use the most seasonal and freshest flowers available for your custom arrangement.  From $40 and above, you can request us to custom design your bouquet according to the dollar value that you desire to spend.  You can also speak with our floral customer service staff or directly to one of our floral designers to describe exactly what you need.  

Receiving on-demand flowers has never been better with Peachtree Petals!  Our signature same-day delivery is available up to 3pm daily, and your recipient can receive your flowers the same day.  Your Irvine Flower Delivery will be made in no time at all!  Orders can be placed via phone or online as well.